Why Vatican Decided To Keep The Chronovisor Device A Secret

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Described by Father François Brune in his 2002 book Le Nouveau Mystère du Vatican, the chronovisor is a device that is rumored to have been created and owned by the Vatican. This device was theoretically built by the world’s greatest scientists in the 1950’s. The project was theoretically funded by the Vatican for unspecified reasons. The device is said to work like a pair of glasses, and where worn up against the face. It was theoretically able to view events from the past. It allegedly worked by processing electromagnetic radiation leftover from past events and turning them into visual images and audio. Father Brune claimed to have witnessed historical events such as the crucifixion of Christ and a performance of the lost tragedy Thyestes. Apparently, soon after it was created, it was dismantled. As the church hierarchy was concerned that it was too powerful for any one person or group to have. If it exists, any evidence of it would be safely tucked away in the Vatican’s Secret Archive.[8]

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