Monkeys Snatch COVID-19 Blood Samples After Attacking Lab Worker In India

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Most people who only know monkeys from seeing them at zoos may not realize how brazenly unafraid they can be of humans in populated areas like Uttar Pradesh, India. It’s common for monkeys to run up to people and steal things, and while their most common interest is food, they have been known to take everything from cameras and hats to sunglasses and knives. Essentially, whatever they can get their fingers on is fair game, and apparently, that includes vials of blood.

A group of monkeys ran up to a laboratory technician at Meerut Medical College and stole some vials of blood, which was taken from four COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment. Fortunately, researchers were able to recover the samples, which didn’t show any signs of being broken, so increased spread from the incident remains unlikely. The only real fallout surrounding the incident was that the blood samples had to be taken once more. Other than that, this silly headline didn’t make for the first stage of a “Planet of the Apes” scenario, so in the end, it’s a lot funnier than it is serious

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