It Hasn’t Even Been Half A Year On Pluto Since It Was Discovered

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Most of us know that space is mind-bogglingly huge. Just look up. All those stars lie millions of miles away from us, and we haven’t even been able to fully explore the neighboring planets in the solar system, let alone another star system. But those stats still don’t convey the true scale of distances in space as they mean nothing to the layman.

How about this? Ever since Pluto was first discovered in 1930, it still hasn’t completed an orbit around the Sun. Not just a full orbit, it hasn’t even been halfway around and will take another 159 Earth years to complete a Pluto year.

It’s not just our favorite dwarf planet, either. A year on almost all the planets in the outer solar system takes a ridiculously long time to complete. For example, Neptune was discovered in 1846. Since then, it completed its first orbit only in 2011.

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