Does Vaccinations Really Control Your Mind

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Vaccinations are one of the great medical advances. Without them, we’d all still be dropping dead from smallpox and anthrax. So it stands to reason that conspiracy theorists are certain they’re a ploy to secretly control our minds.

The basic premise of this nonsense is that vaccinations are really a means of filling you with nanotechnology that can alter your DNA and turn you into an automaton. If you’ve ever even been in the same room as a science textbook, you know that last sentence makes absolutely no sense. But periodic attempts to scare people off vaccines are happening all the time. In the UK, a recent conspiracy theory linking the MMR vaccine to autism caused hundreds of parents to excuse their kids from getting the shot. The result? Repeated mass outbreaks of measles, a disease we’d nearly stomped out of existence beforehand. So by all means, avoid vaccinations. Just don’t start crying when you come down with polio as a result.

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