Crystal Dynamic Studio Introduces a New Superpowered NPC With Disabilities to Marvel’s Avengers Game

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A new wheelchair-using NPC has been added to the Marvel’s Avengers game to promote inclusion and diversity.

Marvel’s Avengers game is developed by Crystal Dynamics studio, the studio has been a major supporter of disability representation since it began operations in 2013. In 2019, the studio was certified with APXP (Accessible Player Experience Practitioner) because it has been able to understand players experience, understand diversity, and promote inclusion through disability representation

The new game features a wheelchair-using superpowered NPC called Cerise. The wheelchair-using Cerise idle animations were motioned and captured by accessibility specialist, Cherry Thompson. Cerise is part of the Inhumans, a group of superpowered people who are one of the core teams in Marvel’s comic canon. Cerise means representation for people with disabilities, the game itself is designed to include players with disabilities. “Our game has high contrast user interface (UI),” said Meagan Marie, the senior community and social media manager for Marvel’s Avengers. “The high contrast UI feature will make it quite easy for users with low-vision or people who find some interfaces distracting and difficult to use. The UI team really did a great job on that one, and I am proud to be part.”

The new Marvel’s Avengers game features fully remappable controls, character-associated subtitles, campaign-relevant closed captions, and HARM Training Rooms, each of which is helpful for different types of players. The game was designed to accommodate everyone who is interested in playing it.

The release date for the new Marvel’s Avengers game is September. Look out for the IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, where you will be able to see the game and maybe use a few tap on your console to see how interesting it feels to play the game. You will also be able to see the Avengers’ War Table feature and co-op gameplay at the event.

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